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This movement to cause a systemic change from subsidized news, information, and entertainment to unsubsidized news, information, and entertainment started as a result of one simple guy who fully understands that “The Constitution of the United States of America” is the greatest rule of law bestowed upon man. A simple guy that fully believes it is a perfect rule of law for two specific reasons. One, it provides the methodology to be changed by the will of a supermajority of the equal individual owners to whom it protects. And, two, it does not preclude the methodology to change it for any reason that any of the equal individual owners living under it can even imagine. The other important reality that this simple guy understands is that our Watchdog Press is supposed to serve We The Unstoppable People by honorably reporting truth about anyone doing anything against our Constitution. He realized that the Gravitas Dictators have taken iron-fist control of our Watchdog Press, turned our Watchdog Press against us, and now our Watchdog Press is doing everything in their power to eliminate our freedom by destroying our Constitution.

This movement started from a simple guy who made three discoveries that no one else has ever made. Two of the three discoveries are the two most important discoveries since the founding of America. The first of the two most important discoveries, the true root of all evil is a thirteen letter word, subsidization. The second of the two most important discoveries – the simple, peaceful and constitutional way that only the portion of We the Unstoppable People who love our Constitution will end subsidized news, information, and entertainment forever. This will result with our Watchdog Press relentlessly reporting on anyone who is doing anything against our Constitution’s sole purpose of ensuring that We the Unstoppable People maintain our equal ownership of our Country. The third discovery is exactly why a simple guy figured out this one and only solution to save freedom while the great conservative thinkers of our time who also happen to be creative did not. People like William Buckley, Jr., Thomas Sowell, Rush Limbaugh, Ayn Rand, Newt Gingrich, Milton Friedman, Glenn Beck, and others.

The guy only needs to be referred to as the guy who discovered that subsidization is the true root of all evil and that subsidization will permanently end freedom if we don’t rapidly follow the simple methodology presented on this website to save and secure freedom until the end of humanity on Earth.

Other ideas, realities, thoughts, and discoveries that you may have never thought about that also contributed to the formation of this movement are as follows:

  • Rush Limbaugh came into our lives in 1988 after seizing on a demand from freedom loving people who wanted to hear truth about a growing assault on our founding ideals that was no longer properly being reported by our Watchdog Press. His success spawned a multi-billion dollar industry of people reporting the truth that our Watchdog Press stopped reporting as it was insidiously and incrementally being couped by the most evil American citizens in our history, the Gravitas Dictators. We now refer to this new multi-billion dollar industry as the ‘Alternative Media’. To unequivocally prove the colossal failure of the entire Alternative Media all you need to do is realize that Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer had a combined 24 years of elected service in Congress before Rush Limbaugh ever started his nationally syndicated conservative talk radio show in 1988. Rush and everyone within the Alternative Media have talked about every assault on our freedoms perpetrated, or attempted to be perpetrated, by Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer ongoing for more than the last three decades straight. How effective was that? Biden is now the President of the United States, Pelosi is now our Speaker of the House, and Schumer is now the Senate Majority Leader. They have ascended to the highest three elected offices in our Country because the Alternative Media focusing attention on them for the past three decades was not the answer to stopping their ascent. Now they are in the positions allowing them to do the greatest damage to our founding ideals.
  • Rush Limbaugh’s success was not dependent on who won elections. However, his success was 100% dependent on whether or not our Watchdog Press did the job that our Founding Fathers intended they do when they were created to play the most important role in our ability to uphold our equal ownership of freedom in our Country. Our freedom was so absolutely dependent upon the role of the Watchdog Press that it required specific protection in “The Constitution of the United States of America”.
  • The Watchdog Press, our elected officials, academia, corporate executives, Hollywood, and Wall Street used to treat We The Unstoppable People like they knew we were the ones who controlled our Country.
  • Being on the cutting edge of societal evolution and knowing what Liberals are going to do to destroy everything we care about before they even do it without taking meaningful action to stop them does nothing to stop them from destroying everything we care about.
  • In a single year in the mid-1990s Oprah Winfrey made more than TWICE as much money as our 650 highest government officials’ salaries combined. This included the salary of Dr. Anthony Fauci, plus the salary of the President of the United States of America, plus the salary of the Vice-President of the United States of America, plus the salaries of the 15 Cabinet Members of the United States of America, plus the salaries of the 9 Supreme Court Justices of the United States of America, plus the salaries of the 100 U.S. Senators of the United States of America, plus the salaries of the 435 Members of the House of Representatives of the United States of America, plus the salaries of all 50 Governors of the states that formulate the United States of America, plus the salaries of the 46 Lieutenant Governors of the 46 states that hired Lieutenant Governors at that time.
  • If our Watchdog Press had been performing the critically important role that our Founding Fathers intended them to perform thirty-four years ago, none of us would know Rush Limbaugh or anyone else who is part of the Alternative Media that he spawned.
  • Liberalism is dependent on deceit. Deceit is dependent on subsidization of the programming that is scripted by the Gravitas Dictators to deceive.
  • The Gravitas Dictators coup of our Watchdog Press created a vacuum for truth that Rush Limbaugh and the Alternative Media that he spawned filled. Rush Limbaugh and the Alternative Media that he spawned only reporting on how our country has systematically been destroyed day by day for decades without providing any solution to stop our destruction has created a vacuum for the one and only solution to save freedom that The Freedom Assembly is now going to successfully fill.
  • Rush Limbaugh never got the reason correct as to why attempts to create a competitive nationally syndicated liberal talk radio show always failed. The answer is simply that the people who would listen to a nationally syndicated liberal talk radio show were already being inundated with the love of liberalism and the hatred for conservatism on any program they watched on television. They were being propagandized from Good Morning America to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and everything in between. They were being brainwashed from cartoons to Disney programming to anything from Hollywood involving network programming, cable programming, or motion pictures. When they get away from a television and turn on a radio they listen to music just like we all used to do before we decided to give up music to get truth from Rush Limbaugh. If truth about the greatness of America, freedom, our sovereignty, our Constitution was being disseminated from every program on television and from every motion picture screen then we would all be listening to music on our radios, not conservative talk radio.
  • If every single problem that is discussed by conservative talk radio hosts, conservative YouTube Channel hosts, conservative podcasters, conservative internet TV hosts, and conservative cable TV hosts is never being discussed by our Watchdog Press, the mainstream media, or anything associated with Hollywood programming – isn’t that the true problem?
  • It’s a good thing Rush Limbaugh measured his success by how long he could hold the largest audience for the longest amount of time in order to charge the most confiscatory subsidized commercial advertisement rates instead of how successful he was at preserving our founding ideals which was the basis of almost 100% of his show content for 32 straight years. Had Rush measured his success by how well our founding ideals were preserved during his career he would have been a colossal failure.
  • In the first 150 years of the existence of America we became the wealthiest nation in the world, the most virtuous people in the world, the most powerful nation in the world, and had the highest per capita income of any nation on Earth. We out performed nations in these categories that had been in existence for thousands of years. We did all of these things before there was ever subsidized radio or subsidized television. Hence, subsidized news, information, and entertainment had absolutely nothing to do with us becoming the greatest nation in the world.
  • Rush Limbaugh and the other broadcasters within the Alternative Media have never been proponents of subsidized income, subsidized healthcare, subsidized housing, subsidized transportation, subsidized food, or subsidized clothing. They also never spoke about why there should be subsidized news, information, and entertainment – specifically subsidized conservative talk radio and subsidized FOX News programming. Approximately 300 million people throughout America had the ability to indulge in listening to Rush Limbaugh day in and day out without paying a red penny because it was 100% subsidized. Sure, Rush used subsidization, and everyone else in the Alternative Media uses subsidization to speak truth and to fight for our founding ideals, but the Gravitas Dictators have been using subsidization to deceive and to eviscerate our founding ideals. Who is winning?
  • If we can get endless free news, information, and entertainment programs as a result of buying Budweiser, Nationwide Insurance, Viagra, Oreo Cookies, Taco Bell, PureTalk, etc. why can’t we get more important things like healthcare, food, and shelter endlessly free?
  • Think about the very first time you listened to Rush Limbaugh – was “The Constitution of the United States of America” more or less secure than today? Was freedom more or less in jeopardy than today? Were the American People more or less virtuous than today? Were men allowed to use the girls bathroom? Were men allowed to switch their gender to that of a woman and then compete in women’s sports?
  • Half of the American Electorate getting truth from the Alternative Media while the other half of the American Electorate is being deceived, propagandized, and brainwashed by the Gravitas Dictators to elect puppets who are carrying out their destruction of America results with the destruction of America. Truth is losing to deceit only because of the true root of all evil, subsidization.
  • In a true and pure free market economic system where pay per consumption television downloads and pay per consumption podcasting existed without any subsidization whatsoever Rush Limbaugh would have went from earning approximately $80 million dollars per year to earning possibly as much as $10 billion dollars per year. In addition, CNN programming, NPR programming, and MSNBC programming would quickly go out of business unless they immediately began reporting truth about anyone assaulting our Constitution.
  • We have suffered more societal decadence since Rush Limbaugh became part of our lives than the total societal decadence we’ve suffered during the more than 200+ years of America’s existence before the Rush Limbaugh Show.
  • Conservatives do not watch liberal television programming because they don’t want to be counted in the ratings that impact their revenue. But when they buy everyday products that they have been consuming since being young children they are funding the Gravitas Dictators to script away everything they care about. When they buy products like, Quaker Oats, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Clorox Bleach, Bayer Aspirin, and Ford vehicles they are funding the demise of their own freedom.
  • If you communicate to tens of millions of people who are specifically listening to you because you are the person they trust more than any other person to tell them what they need to do to save their freedom and Country – do you have a moral responsibility to lead? If you tell them how the media is failing to do their job by having a double standard, by being biased, by being politically and ideologically driven to help anyone who is destroying our Country and then go on to another subject without saying: “If we don’t take our Country back from this media we will lose our Country” – aren’t they being conditioned to accept such a media?