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Cancelling the Word Constitutional

The hatred towards Donald J. Trump by the Gravitas Dictators (GD) began as soon as they accepted the realization that they didn’t have the power to prevent him from winning the Republican nomination. Prior to this the only person that displayed public hatred for him was Rosie O’Donnell. Aside from her he had no public enemies. Everyone else seemed to get a kick out of his hyper-egotistical personality. He was a huge ratings booster for anyone who had him on their television program as a guest.

As the GD recognized Trump’s sincere unwavering dedication to the very thing they thought they would be able to permanently eviscerate after Hillary Clinton won the presidency, our United States Constitution (USC), they began to expand hatred towards him from everyone they control. Then when the GD realized that Trump blindsided their ability to make sure a dedicated supporter of the USC would never be a candidate for president they demanded, using iron-fist control, that everyone they controlled vilify him as a liar, a bully, a fraud, a cheater, a law breaker, and a murderer. Never did they attack him on anything that he specifically did involving making America great again.

For more than Trump’s first three years the GD didn’t attack anything specifically that he did because everything he did was for the American People, for America, and in line with our USC. They did not attack his actions in order to hide their hatred for our USC. They could not criticize what he was doing by defining alternative policy solutions and then build public opposition against him. The contrast of their opposition being 100% against the USC would awaken even more support for him and his MAGA agenda.

Only Covid-19 presented them an opportunity to specifically attack every action he took.

In short, the GD iron-fistedly controlled our Watchdog Press (WP), the Mainstream Media, Hollywood, Information, Entertainment, Academia, Science, Social Media, Wall Street, Big Corporations, and Elected Officials to vilify Trump as the worst person in American history in order to shield them from having to report about all of his actions to expand individual freedom in America.

It has been a mistake for everyone in the Alternative Media (AM) to refer to the Left as hating Trump or wanting to destroy Trump. The use of the word Trump in conjunction with hatred or destroy plays into their messaging to focus on Trump, himself, instead of the USC. Everyone should say the Left hates the man who is preventing them from destroying our USC. They should have said the Left is trying to destroy the man who is in the way of them taking away our freedom. We should not have repeatedly said they want to make sure no one outside of their club ever runs for president again as their reason to destroy him and his family. We should have said they want to make sure no one ever thinks about moving us back towards our founding ideals ever again or they will be destroyed. The GD would not have destroyed an outsider who ended up incredibly exceptional at destroying our USC. It is a mistake to use language that takes away from the fundamental reality that the GD are hell bent on eliminating our USC so that we live our lives according to their dictates. If you let them make it about Trump, a person, a bully, or a guy with a big ego – some people believe that the Left just doesn’t like him specifically. They need to know the Left specifically hates having equal freedom with We the Unstoppable People.

The other thing the GD are doing is labeling the people who love our founding ideals as Domestic Terrorists. They are labeling the more than 99.9% of Trump supporters who went to D.C. on January 6th, 2021 to support him, their freedom, and their right to fair elections as cultists, as revolutionaries, as people inciting an insurrection. They are saying that Trump supporters need to be deprogrammed. They are saying Trump supporters need to be canceled, purged, and blacklisted. The AM should be shouting that the Left is attempting to deprogram people from supporting our USC. They should be saying the Left wants to silence anyone who supports our founding ideals and the freedom for which it stands. They should be saying the Left wants to criminalize anyone who supports American sovereignty or Making America Great Again. They should be yelling that the Left wants to shutdown anyone who resists their effort to destroy America.

We cannot allow the GD to vilify the people who want to uphold our founding ideals as people who are out of the norm of American society. We must be vigilant at using the language that makes it unmistakenly clear that it is our freedom that they are after.