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Free Market Economics Defined

It is imperative that we understand what makes our free market economic system superior to any controlled market economic system. It is a direct, two entity relationship consisting of only the seller and the buyer. Controlled markets include at least one additional entity. We tend to think the additional entity in a controlled market system is a ruler or a ruling class of people. This is not always the case. If a product or service is subsidized, two additional entities are added leading to the potential of diminished quality of that product or service. In the case of our Watchdog Press (WP), information, and entertainment programming being subsidized, the two added entities are the companies who are paying the producers of the news, information, and entertainment programming via subsidized commercial advertisements and the people who are buying products and/or services from the companies who are subsidizing the programming via subsidized commercial advertisements.

It is a misnomer to believe that because subsidized commercial advertisements consist of free willing entities within the private sector and not by government imposition that it is acceptable subsidization. It is not acceptable in any way, shape, or form – left in place it will lead to the end of freedom for 99.9% of all humanity on earth. Only the small percentage of the human race that will make up the ruling class will be free.

The biggest voices in Alternative Media including people like: Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, and Tucker Carlson have been against subsidized income, subsidized healthcare, subsidized housing, subsidized food, subsidized transportation, and subsidized clothing with rare exceptions. In contrast, they have never criticized subsidized Talk Radio or FOX News programming. In the top 50 radio markets, the wealthiest people in the world like the founders of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and Amazon can listen to 100% subsidized Conservative Talk Radio Show after Conservative Talk Radio Show around the clock and not pay a penny. On the other hand, they could not get 100% subsidized income, healthcare, housing, food, transportation, or clothing without paying a penny. It is true that Sean, Glenn, Mark, and Tucker are communicating truth about people who are acting against our U.S. Constitution (USC) while being subsidized, but using that same economic concept, subsidization, the Gravitas Dictators are iron-fistedly controlling our WP to communicate deceit, lies, selective outrage, propaganda, and brainwashing in order to eviscerate our USC. Their desire to separate us from our Constitution has now morphed into them allowing our Elected Officials, government agencies like the Department of Justice, social media companies, and large corporations to eviscerate our founding ideals by not even reporting on what they are doing against our freedom.

Even though subsidization is a lawful way that the private sector uses to monetize news, information, and entertainment programming for television and radio, it is the economic concept, and the only methodology, that provides a pathway to destroy our USC. If we continue to do nothing beyond what we have done for thirty-four years of listening to Rush Limbaugh and the AM, there will soon be an end to our equal individual ownership of our society. Our ability to live our lives according to our own dreams, desires, and passions will have forever passed.

Subsidization eliminates the consumer of whatever is being subsidized from dictating a minimal acceptable level of quality that can only be achieved with honest and direct free market economic principles involving a specific unsubsidized consumption cost. When the WP delivers their products at no direct cost to the consumer, the consumer will consume a much lower quality of product than what they would if they were directly buying it at an unsubsidized cost. The consumer will also consume a much higher quantity of so called “free” subsidized products as compared to paying for them at a 100% unsubsidized cost.

Whether a subsidized product or service is paid for by government using tax dollars that were involuntary confiscated by people who are not receiving the subsidized product or service or whether the subsidized product or service is voluntarily paid for by a private sector company paying for a subsidized commercial advertisement doesn’t change the negative impact that subsidization allows on the quality of a product or service. Subsidization is allowing the programming to be filled with deceit and propaganda to serve the will of the GD, not the will of the consumers. Many people are consuming deceit and propaganda filled programming that they would not buy were it being offered in a pure, honest, and direct free market economic system.

The most important point to remember in understanding the negativity associated with subsidization is that whoever is paying for the subsidization has zero impact on the quality of the product or service that is being given away as subsidized. For example, when Proctor & Gamble pays to have an advertisement for Swiffer on a daytime soap opera program P&G is not influencing the quality of the soap opera program that is being supported by their subsidized commercial advertisement. Furthermore, the person buying the Swiffer from their grocery store is not influencing the quality of the soap opera program either.

Once the producers of WP products are reliant on WTUP to buy their products with zero subsidization, they will report the truth that has been reported by the AM or they will go out of business.

When the producers of WP programs can fund their broadcasts with fees paid by companies who are placing subsidized commercial advertisements on them they can fill them with lies, deceit, and propaganda because the consumer doesn’t have any direct skin in the game. People will consume them for free and often times wouldn’t willingly buy them for even a penny. In order to end the subsidization of news, information, and entertainment programming and cause the producers of these programs to be at the mercy of the free will of WTUP, we must change our buying habits. We must become aware of whether the companies whose products and services that we are regularly buying are subsidizing television. When we determine we are buying a product or service from a company that is subsidizing television, we must at least try to find a tolerable alternative product or service from a company that is not subsidizing television. At the same time we must let them know that our preference was to buy their product or service, but that we went with an alternative product or service from a company that is not subsidizing news, information, or entertainment. We must let them know that if they go to TheFreedomAssembly.com and make an official proclamation pledge that they will no longer subsidize news, information, and entertainment we will anxiously begin to buy their product or service once again.