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What Made America Great?

At the time of our founding, the Founding Fathers could have created a Monarchy, a Ruling Class consisting of equal power just for them, a Dictatorship, a Socialist government, or even a communist government. There was nobody who had the ability to stop them from doing whatever they wanted. Instead of these options they bestowed upon us the gift of being born into a country that would constitutionally make us equal owners with every other single citizen and empower us with the greatest opportunity to pursue our individual dreams, desires, and passions throughout our lives.

Our Founding Fathers understood that creating a country to protect life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness included a risk of their own deaths by hanging. They pledged to one another their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honors when they declared independence from the British Crown. After successfully breaking away from the British Crown they formed a Constitutional Republic specifically to protect equal ownership of the country to the citizenry. They incorporated every check and balance they could think of in order to limit the power of government. They included separation of powers between the States and the Federal Government. They wrote the rule of law protecting all of these checks and balances to limit our government that all of the citizenry would live by and titled it, “The Constitution of the United States of America”.

The last and most important piece of the puzzle to insure that We The Unstoppable People would remain free was to put in place a watchdog to monitor our elected Representatives. This was the most important piece because our Founders understood that unvirtuous citizens would try to seize our power.

Our Founders could have given the watchdog responsibility to the executive branch of the federal government by creating something such as the United States Department of Investigative Reporting. Our Founders could have given the watchdog responsibility to the states by having them keep a delegation in the capitol to monitor the federal government.

Realizing there had never been a society in human history that was controlled by the private sector of a society, they gave this most important responsibility to our private sector, We The Unstoppable People (WTUP). They then protected WTUP as the only private sector entity even mentioned in the entire Constitution with Freedom of the Press.

Freedom of the Press was not written into the Constitution to ensure that WTUP got free Watchdog Press or Mainstream Media news products. Freedom of the Press was written into the Constitution so that when WTUP functioned in the role of journalists as part of the Watchdog Press (WP) we would not be negatively impacted as a result of reporting on the actions of our Representatives or anyone else that acted against our founding ideals that were constitutionally protected.

Our Founders didn’t give us a Watchdog Press to turn on us and take away our equal ownership of this country 170 years after writing “The Constitution of the United States of America”. They didn’t risk their lives to give us a private sector Watchdog Press to eventually take away our individual freedom of which they did not have to gift to us in the first place. They expected our Watchdog Press to serve us honorably by relentlessly and vigilantly reporting anyone doing anything against our freedom, period. The critical purpose of our Watchdog was not to be unbiased to different political parties; it was not to have a single standard of coverage regarding all political parties; it was not to refrain from being politically driven – it was to uphold the very Constitution that was written from A to Z to empower the citizenry over their representatives. It was entirely to uphold the 100% equal individual ownership of our Country that they risked their lives to gift us.

Our Watchdog Press should be more virtuous and honorable than that of which we even expect from our judges.

Having a country founded entirely on government of, by, and for the people made WTUP the focal point of concern of our WP, our Representatives, and the producers in our marketplace. Of these four entities WTUP consist of more than ten times as many people compared to any of the other three entities. Given equal power as the owners of our country over our WP, our Representatives, and the producers in our marketplace has allowed our country to be the freest, most stable, and most secure country in the history of humanity.

In summary, the ability of WTUP to equally vote for our Representatives, equally become part of our own WP, and equally control our marketplace is what has led to America becoming the greatest country in the world. This can only be upheld if we have our Watchdog Press honorably serving us and not the Gravitas Dictators.